How the LIPO DIET works?

What is the LIPO DIET?

LIPO DIET is a diet that not only helps you lose excess weight in a simple, fast and efficient way, but is also beneficial for the overall health of the organism, without expensive supplements and magic pills and without strenuous exercises.

Why is the LIPO DIET unique?

Unlike other diets, the LIPO DIET can easily be a lifelong diet, and not just for short-term weight regulation. The diet is focused on the complete elimination of refined sugar (especially fructose), moderate intake of carbohydrates and increased intake of good fats. Additionally, regular meals and a intermittent fast of approximately 12 hours are recommended, preferably between dinner and breakfast (as we usually do, but without additional snacks in the evening). In that way, it regulates metabolism, lowers insulin, regulates glycemia, reduces triglycerides and harmful fats in the bloodstream, and accelerates fat burning in the process of lipolysis (after which the diet got its name).

Our body has self-regulating mechanisms for the intake of the required amount of food, so that, via the feedback regulation, it will send signals to the brain and body when it needs food, and when it has an excess of food.

The problem arises when we eat foods that are almost unnecessary to our organism, which have an extremely large amount of calories at the same time, and for which there are no detectors in the body, so we can eat them in unlimited quantities without the body telling us: “Enough!". To make matters worse, our brains are fine as we consume them, so ask for more. Yes, you guessed it, I'm talking about fructose, an extremely sweet substance that has a harmful effect on our body, causes addiction that, according to researches, is stronger than any narcotics, and it stays hidden in many foods, so we are often unaware that we are eating it. I will talk about the harmfulness of fructose on us later.

Diet Principles

The main principles of the LIPO DIET are:

  • Intake carbohydrates in the amount just enough to be used as a source of energy and for conversion into glycogen as an short-term energy depot, and to prevent the excess from being transformed into fat blocking the lipolysis at the same time.
  • Ingest proteins in an amount just enough to serve their primary purpose, i.e. building role, and at the same time prevent their excess from being converted into carbohydrates (in the process of gluconeogenesis) or transformed into fat blocking the lipolysis at the same time.
  • Ingest fat in the amount that will be consumed during the period between meals and night rest (intermittent fast). Since the body has already used proteins for building purposes and spent almost all the amount of carbohydrates ingested by food, and the amount of which was not enough to be deposited in adipose tissue, fat is rapidly consumed as a source of energy in the process of lipolysis.

How to achieve all of this?

Main Rules

1 – Eliminate refined sugar completely from your diet. Fructose is your worst enemy!

2 – Reduce total carbohydrate intake (especially refined carbohydrates). Although glucose is the main fuel for our body, its excess is converted into fat.

3 – Increase the intake of “healthy" fats, i.e. fats with polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are rich in omega-3 acids

Additional tips

4 – Eat at regular intervals. Give the body a chance to rest from the insulin secreted after a meal, which has an inflammatory effect to our body in long-term

5 – Fast intermittently (eg. from 6pm-6am, or from 8pm-8am). Allow the cells to recover, release harmful substances and most importantly, to increase fat burning. Yes, that's right, you're losing weight while you sleep.

What NOT to eat?

  • completely eliminate table sugar (sucrose) from your diet. Yes, it is the only difficult step in this diet!
  • all refined foods that contain table sugar, and therefore fructose:
  • sweets – I mean absolutely all kinds of sweets!
  • pasta with added sugar
  • mayonnaise
  • soy sauce with high sugar content – the original soy sauce has less than 3% sugar, but is therefore more expensive
  • juices – regardless of whether they are industrial or naturally squeezed, carbonated or non-carbonated. Eat fruits instead, don't drink them – nature has protected us from such foods with a large amount of fiber it contains, thus reducing and slowing down the absorption of fructose
  • processed meat – in addition to chemicals, they also contain a lot of salt and nitrate and – a lot of sugar!
  • snacks – they are full of extremely bad fats, salts and additives

What to eat?

Only when you eliminate from the diet all that is listed above, you will discover a completely new world of countless different tastes. The choices are really great:

  • eggs
  • milk (yes, it contains carbohydrates, but not fructose)
  • fish
  • all kinds of unprocessed meat – but do not overdo it with proteins (remember, their excess is converted into carbohydrates and fats)
  • olive oil
  • vegetables (do not overdo it with those that contain a lot of carbohydrates)
  • fruit (but do not overdo it, a couple of fruits a day is enough)

How do I know if a food contains sugar, i.e. fructose?

We already have a fructose detector which works better than all electronic devices – our tongue! Everything that the tongue detects as sweet – do not eat.

How much fats, carbs and proteins can I eat?

Another advantage of the lipo diet is that you do not have to count calories or count complicated applications to determine the exact amount of food. Also, the LIPO DIET does not have a strict ratio of their amounts. But you can stick to the following:

  • fat 40-60%
  • carbohydrates 20-40%
  • proteins 10-30%
  • or to remember easier: 50 – 30 – 20 (50% fat – 30% carbohydrates – 20% protein +/- 10%)

Note: As mentioned above, you do not have to strictly adhere to the proportions, but take care to reduce the intake of carbohydrates (especially refined), while increasing the intake of “healthy" fats, which will be more present in the diet. Also don't consume too much proteins because it's excess is also transformed into carbohydrates and/or accumulated as fat, interrupting the lipolysis process.

Can I drink alcohol?

Try to avoid alcohol intake as much as possible because it is a carbohydrate that prevents the breakdown of fat, and also the excess is transformed into fat (in a very unpleasant way). If you already want to have a drink or two with your friends, consume beverages without sugar (such as cocktails), but wine or beer instead.

I want to lose extra pounds fast, what is the best way?

If you want to lose more weight faster, reduce the amount of meals by e.g. 10% and continue to eat and enjoy your food without any guilt. Nothing easier than that!

But I want to gain weight, not lose weight?

As I've already said, the LIPO DIET is a universal diet suitable for everyone, so if you want to gain weight, it will be enough just to increase your meals. Intake of more calories than those needed by the body lead to weight gain, regardless of the diet.


  • the diet is not restrictive
  • it's sustainable for a very long period of time
  • it can become a way of life without fear of negative consequences
  • it is mentally easy
  • no keto flu due to abrupt cessation of carbohydrate intake
  • no headache
  • no bad breath
  • it has positive effects on insulin stabilization

Negative sides

  • removing sugar and sweets could be very difficult for some people, but so it is with all addictive substances

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